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bay area real estate market forecast 2020

I would love your opinion on this. Its Grey here as much or more than Seattle. As well as US transplants from out of state (also predominantly cash buyers), looking for their “dream home”. Its like the car salesman question of “how much do you want your monthly note to be? Both books are available on Amazon. Since most mortgage is backed by Fed, those renter properties will suffer the most. Maybe a couple had “deal breaker” issues that came up on inspection but it seems unlikely that all of them did. So that was handled too with other loans that didn’t cost them any money for other things. I want to buy a multi family and I am waiting to see what the market does. If I could to move to another county, I would. That’s why we’re in the mess that we’re in now, because enough people were convinced that capitalism was corrupt and capitalism by design failed. I have seen about 6 properties that have gone into “pending” status in my area and then been relisted. Post navigation « Through My Eyes: What Real Estate Is Really Like. It’s really supply that’s the big variable. Namely, strong economic conditions, including the labor market and low interest rates, should engender hope in … See:, I’m freaking out! They seem very desperate to sell…begging! Releasing few at a time at making new home buyers to race and increasing base price of house for every 2hoises are sold. Over the last three months, the housing market has changed so rapidly that we began to look at the data on a weekly basis rather than a month monthly basis (as is typical) to illustrate how significantly the market has changed over a shorter timeline. If you don’t have a financial buffer equal to at least 10% of the value of your property after putting down 20%+, then you are not financially prepared for a downturn. You can’t shut down the entire world economy and expect anything other than another Great Depression on steroids. when compared to October 2019. We are looking to keep whatever we buy for at least 12 years, so a 2-5 year downturn won’t hurt too bad unless of course we lose our jobs (and no, we don’t have 10%, $175K in cash after we buy the home). This price performance is similar to San Francisco’s. Valuations are much cheaper and net rental yields are much higher. Same here in eastern Pa suburbs of Philadelphia. Hey, it makes no sense to me either. Hell might as well move to Hawaii and get good weather constantly until you get sick of it and want to go skiing. Market has been declining ever since for seller market. They bought those companies at rock bottom as well as real estate. Thoughts? Too much debt is really what will kill you if we ever return to hard times. Or, am I just wrong on my observations? Which areas I should focus to buy property with 0 vacant rate and low crime ?? Any guidance would be much appreciated, thanks! report mentioned above. It’s a supply issue, driven almost entirely by prop 13. Of course it does, why…..well here’s some examples. He’d give Chris Dodd a favorable deal on a couple mortgages or Barney Frank and the guys at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but institutionally nobody’s going to give away money. Hold tight. look at sales figures for last 8 quarters- it shifted from seller to buyer late 2018/early 2019, with values slumping about 10-20% from their peak in lat 2017. He also earned his BA from William & Mary and his MBA from UC Berkeley. Are you expecting home prices to increase, stay the same or drop? I remember partying there when it was fun years back. Plus they’re all PUD developments so everyone basically has the same home. We saw a violent 20% sell down in the S&P 500 in 4Q2018. This rate is absolutely nuts. as your situation is not long term (7-10 years or more) my advice for you is to rent. While Brisbane is expected to experience moderate growth in 2020, the state's regional areas are amongst some of the best performing in the country.. You’re a complete fool! The easy money of the Federal Reserve that was created out of nothing and loaned to home buyers up until 2009 enslaved many to homes that they could not afford. They couldn’t do anything. Prices for rentals and condos/houses for sale have increased dramatically over the years. Look at the Bahamas, look at eastern Spain. The dude caught with the 2 million dollar mortgage should take his 1 million dollar share and catch a fast flight to Thailand, or move to Portugal and live like a king with an eastern european import that he doesn’t marry. So any advice? I spoke to a few realtors about market knowing they would not. Stay a way unless you enjoy steel toe boots in your asses and slavery! You can say that these greedy bankers creating all these phony things (like CDOs, the Collateralized Debt Obligations or whatever) insurance policies, quasi that they came up with to try to give their worthless paper some value. California Association of Realtors in its June housing sales report said Realtors were feeling optimistic but a lack of supply is impeding the California real estate market recovery.. I could put $110K down payment. I bet there were a few 2 million dollar homes there turned to wreckage. I bid $17k over asking on a modest 1100 sq foot home in a middle class blue collar neighborhood this week. Five of the hottest counties in the areas reported higher than expected sales in October 2020, showing how the area is continuing to thrive and attract investors from across the country. Then Lehman Brothers went under on September 15, 2008, a full two and a half years after the housing market peaked. Fill out my form here: Home Valuation. Once Bear Sterns was sold for nothing to JP Morgan in March 2008, people started to panic. But, when will they realize they aren’t going to get appreciation even beyond the 2018 highs? The system is not flawed. The Central Valley saw sales decline the least at 36.6% while So Cal saw sales plummet 45.6%. Therefore, the LA market was too much of a stretch, but I ended up buying a REO in Lake Arrowhead for 89k. when compared to October 2019. in October 2020 as compared to September 2020. 1) Take advantage of record-low mortgage rates by refinancing with Credible. What I recommend homeowners, fight the system. Earlier this month, Pacific Union held its fourth annual Real Estate and Economic Forecast in partnership with John Burns Real Estate Consulting to project Bay Area activity through 2020. WTF?! At some point I feel like there will be more supply than demand. All the same, please buy and borrow responsibly. Mortgage rates are down to all-time lows! In September, inventory or active listings declined by … The median DOM did not change in October 2020 as compared to September 2020. homes available in October 2020, signalling a decrease by. Although the Bay Area real estate market has slowed down from the lightning hot streak it was experiencing in 2018, there are still plenty of positive signals. Lots of people in the Bay Area have $1M+ mortgages. Should we back out, loose 23k deposit and keep our cash waiting for downturn or continue buying? No two people can ever be equal if there is indeed genuine free will and freedom. I could have got a 30-year fixed rate mortgage for 2.875%, but I don’t plan to have the mortgage for longer than 10 years. It was based entirely on leftist ideology, and that is that life is unfair. Think about it. You have a point to wait for 1-2 years. For the last year, I have seen people chasing the high market of 2017-2018 and it’s not happening anymore. Moving to a bigger rental would wipe out the saving gains we are making currently. They knew at some point the bubble was gonna burst on all of this because the only thing that kept this fraud alive was the continuing escalation of housing prices, real estate values. However, it takes 1-2 years to start feeling the crunch of tax reform. Hi, This is very helpful (thanks! We would like to sell to be closer to family in Waddell, AZ that has 1 acre lots. See what happens. Of course our mainstream media will never expose their nefarious techniques. It has certainly been an interesting year for the California real estate scene. I’m curious. Don’t put this on the Dems. Waiting for it to all fall down for housing will not be happening on any scale close to the past. The latest California real estate market forecast is that home prices will rise by 7.6% in the next twelve months (until August 2021). We were had. -Andrew. Although I don’t think we will see a drop like the one preceded the 2008 recession, it makes sense that if people are not buying then prices have to drop. Stricter Lending Standards: Due to liquidity (profitability) concerns, banks have significantly tightened lending standards. Depleted foreclosure inventory Incredibly, the S&P 500 rebounded strongly in 2020. We bought in May 2019 and read articles like this and it feels all silly. So it’s not just emotion speaking to me…it’s dollars and cents too. It was a giant, 100% scam. Even the best stocks have fallen 40-50% in 3 weeks. Your property taxes alone cost $17,000 – $20,000 a month, depending which state you reside. If you look at property nationwide as a whole, prices will probably soften in 2020 before rebounding in 2021. Below are some key, high-level takeaways from the live event. I was surprised I didn’t see Denver on there more. Budget is probably in the $1.2mm to $1.5mm range… We would want to live there at least 5 – 10 years (if not longer) but are worried that there may be a major correction during that time and we jumped the gun… However, according to your article, we may actually have good timing? . I would bide mine time. Thinking interest rates are low and fear of price increase of houses. The blood bath in housing market has not yet started. Despite publishing cautionary posts about investing in stocks, bonds, and alternatives at current levels, the biggest caution I should be writing about is taking out massive debt to buy property at record highs. Check out these recent home sales: The bay area real estate market softened by about 10% in 2018. Related: The Best Area To Buy Property In San Francisco. It’s almost October 2020. Below is a great chart that shows how badly housing prices corrected in some of our major cities. Just the alarmed and amazed comment from Hancho should be a wake up call to all us bay area residents as to really how crazy it has gotten. The regulators were harassed and threatened by members of Congress when they dared speak the truth about all this. And with the virus ruining people’s businesses, it’ll only ensure there will be no middle class. In just 8 years. Everything in this community revolves around the oil industry which was crashing before coronavirus and will be a long time if ever it recovers to the pay for employees as in past. Any info on how prices on new homes would be affected compared to used homes when the housing market declines or. Always hard to time the market, but I was considering selling my condo, perhaps renting for a couple of years and then buying back in. Since I will be paying cash for everything I don’t have to worry about a substantial amount of risk factors that financing investors have to deal with. 3) You bought at the wrong time and could of had less of a payment. Prices plummeted far below comparable cities like Vancouver, BC and San Francisco. I live and work in South Florida, and market is very soft now. What I provide is a customized report to determine real, current market value. Housing prices appear to have doubled since 2010 +/-. You’ll have paid $6,000+ in state income taxes. Everyone is unemployed, the unemployment numbers are fake, and low interest rates wont mattervto people unemployed because they wont be buying a home. Thats the problem with everyone today, buying things and never taking into consideration that things can and will change. From North to South, the five main counties to keep on your radar for the Bay Area are San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito counties. One could argue that other nice neighborhoods that don’t have as much supply will still see rental appreciation, especially as more jobs come over to Oakland and more people see it as a real alternative to SF (not just a cheaper alternative). So, what do you think is going on here? Don't subscribe And even that would be risky. Hi Sam, I live in Western Boynton Beach, Florida and am in my mid-thirties. What do you think? You get to pay less for your upgrade whoo hoo! I’m afraid I have to agree with you mike. There is a lot of speculation as to whether the housing market will crash. maybe the prices will not come down much…lots of folks with the same idea., Redfin and other major real estate investors are buying older houses pitting a very little cosmetic work on them and selling those old houses for double or even higher then they are really worth. With the current uncertainty I’m going to “wait and see” before I buy anything. SF is a BORE. But it wasn’t until the beginning of 2008 that people started to accept that the housing market had already peaked. The crash has not happened yet, because it has not been triggered. If buyers stop buying those overpriced properties the market will go down and will be forced to readjust to real value of those homes. Let’s look at some of the key issues affecting the industry, how major players are likely to respond, and what to expect in the coming months and years. They keep on increasing the price of new construction price for every 2 homes they sell. I am a wise buyer and am also waiting because I refuse to contribute to those investors leverage lives they have from deceiving the hard working class Americans like us! Every year protest your property taxes, it is a right that every taxpayer that owns a home has. Real Estate Listings Way Up in 2020 Here’s the most telling data point from the C.A.R. Many new generations holding hope to snatch a house within next year or two, but that dream will shatter for many. It’s hard to say. Socialism, Marxism, whatever you want to call it, that’s what led to the economic crisis that we’re in, not capitalism. What is your opinion/do you have any insight on the Austin, TX market? No matter who the President is(Dem or Repub), Goldman is at the top. Even if the market drops. Real Estate Listings Way Up in 2020. Wife and I make 250k a year between us before bonus, usually 270kish annual. However, once you get to home prices 50% or above the median home price of the city, there is more weakness. You can’t even buy a 900 square foot home with a garage for that much anywhere in Texas! The high price of greed and stupidity is coming soon. I wish I had seen your information last year. I’m wondering if we should stick it out longer in our rent-controlled duplex even though we are starting a family and things are getting tight. Some wish American economy to go down, which in turn is assumed to teach us a lesson and force us into communist / socialist (“democrat”) government oppression, where everybody is kept so poor that they cannot rebel. Below shows a massive rebound in mortgage-purchase applications in May 2020. We take a look at past Silicon Valley housing market performance to help predict what 2020 might have in store for our local communities. I live in Miami, FL and it is impossible to buy a house at an affordable price. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Due to increased median home prices, housing affordability declined year-over-year in most Bay Area Counties in Q3 2020, though San Francisco and Sonoma Counties saw very small gains. Rrentals for 2 bed rooms run in the 1200-1500 month range, the reason I thought it would be a good idea to buy a condo. Goldman fellows convinced Moodys to rate all crappy loans into one tranches from Triple B to Triple A which may appear as okay but all were subprime loans to go bust. I’ve seen a number of homes sell quickly as the buyers agreed to forgo any home/septic inspection which seems risky to me. No need to freak out if you paid cash for your condo and can sell it for a profit. It was everyone’s fault. I doubt we’ll have a correction as violent as the last one given lending standards became far tighter after the housing crisis. It was only principal that was being retired, and these loans were then sold. Herman Chan, Sotheby's real estate agent working in the East Bay: " Bay Area real estate in 2020 will not face a crash. My parents almost bought when I was in school here in ’07, and prices have sky rocketed. He retired in 2012 with the help of his retirement income that now generates roughly $250,000 passively. If you look at the property history, many *new* listings are simply properties that didn’t sell (for example) 6 months to a year ago. The reasons are clear: massive unemployment, shutdown economies, COVID-19, many jobs not coming back after the economy opens, and rising delinquencies. Your email address will not be published. I’m tempted to buy now, as I’ve already seen listing prices in the Bay Area drop, but it still seems that Bay Area real estate is overvalued and better values are found out of state. But surely home sizes go down. Looking at the Bay Area housing market trends and the trends across the US as a whole, it is not very likely that the market will crash. The Average Days on market (DOM) went up by, New listings in October 2020 went down by, when compared to September 2020 and up by, Closed sales went up all around. It was activist social engineering brought us started by Jimmy Carter, acted upon and enlarged by Bill Clinton, and then really amplified by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. I’ll read the link you shared, too. Any thoughts on this market? Inventory is going up in Vegas and Vegas has been one of the fastest appreciating markets over the past several years. If you lose 50% on your stock and bond portfolio, you’ll be upset, but fine. The median DOM decreased by 2 days in October 2020 as compared to September 2020. , when comparing September 2020 to October 2020 and went down by. Here are some of the increased lending standards he mentioned to me: In other words, lending standards are as strict as it gets. With Personal Capital, you can track your cash flow, x-ray your investments for excessive fees, and make sure your retirement plans are on track. House in this area mortgage goes around $1800/1900,but my rent will go up for sure this year at the end of my lease.When do you think prices will go down in vegas? Hardly the sought after sandy beaches of Maui, LOL. Your table shows that home appreciation is down 26% in Chico which is the opposite of what Zillow and some of the other mainstream real estate sites show. Replies to my comments It’s common sense……its going to crash worse than ever in history. The problem with record-low mortgage rates is that thousands of Americans are tempted to buy too much house. Would love to learn about it. Yesterday, Pacific Union held its fourth annual Real Estate and Economic Forecast in partnership with John Burns Real Estate Consulting to project Bay Area activity through 2020. See: How The Tech IPO Boom Could Cause SF Prices To Fall Further. Within 2 wks, we saw horror stories of ppl in financial turmoil. Would be great if Financial Samurai were to update this article with the impact COVID, people losing jobs but getting mortgage forbearance, etc is having on the current real estate market! cautionary posts about investing in stocks, bonds, and alternatives,,, How The Tech IPO Boom Could Cause SF Prices To Fall Further, The Best Area To Buy Property In San Francisco, No longer fully counting RSU values when calculating how much a person can borrow, Schedule E income (rental income) when calculating how much a person can borrow is no longer included, No longer approving Home Equity Lines Of Credit (HELOC), Raised minimum credit score to qualify for a mortgage to 680, A strong rebound in NASDAQ and the S&P 500 from their March 2020 lows, A rotation out of volatile stocks into stable real estate, The implicit guarantee by the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government they will continue to do whatever it takes to support the economy. How do you think the upcoming IPO boom could affect the housing prices in Bay Area? Just like terrorists actually flew the planes into the Twin Towers, in unprecedented actions against their own presumed self- interest. Banks bet against themselves somewhat unwittingly perhaps, given the relatively few people who actually understood what was happening in real time. The pandemic has reminded us that tomorrow is not guaranteed. We hope prices drop, although of course, we don’t want it to have to come at the expense of others having terrible hardship! All the news about the real estate market specially the Bay Area did not factor in the massive layoff in the tech companies and their employees that owned homes. Now we make 250k. September’s 6.54 million in sales has left the market with only 2.7 … That’s the foundation of this so-called meltdown. I honestly believe A LOT of people who shouldn’t have very high mortgages do…how else can people afford to buy in the most expensive regions? So all of a sudden now a whole system on which the greatest nation on earth was founded and operated is under assault, when in fact capitalism didn’t fail. salaries here are nowhere near those cities. Best regions in QLD to invest in property Sunset over South West Queensland. 401k accounts up After 45 days of aggressive marketing, I only got two offers, both for $7,500 (-16.7%). Then by 2H2019, the housing market strengthened due to low rates and a strong stock market. But I’m 6 months into a mortgage now and things have been mostly flat. I think a lot of people have A LOT of equity in their homes, and will simply just take their homes off the market if they can’t get the price they want. There are more deals to be had in expensive coastal cities like New York. potus is selling off usa industries. As we get further into 2020, our team at Essel Environmental Engineering will be reviewing the commercial real estate industry in the Bay Area and the wider San Francisco market. Bottom line: I see a 10% – 15% pullback in SF Bay Area property max. Yall being destroying our cost of living since! At the same time, rents have become unaffordable. Key Takeaways From Pacific Union’s Real Estate and Economic Forecast to 2020 Pacific Union Chief Economist Selma Hepp offers a wrap-up of key points discussed at our exclusive Bay Area Real Estate and Economic Forecast to 2020, which was held on Nov. 15 in San Francisco. Sound Off: What are your predictions for the Bay Area's real estate market in 2020? Forgot to mention, we’re in the Bay Area. 1) You hate the house you live in and now are stuck. You can talk to some of the people that were involved in this stuff at the time and they knew that what they were doing was ridiculous. First the 18yr real estate if applied towards the recovery of 2009. The rebound will likely stay strong so long as rates stay low and the government keeps supporting the economy. Head to our, Ⓒ 2004-2020 Intempus Realty, Inc.. All Rights Reserved. Although the Bay Area real estate market has slowed down from the lightning hot streak it was experiencing in 2018, there are still plenty of positive signals. People like you are why this nation is stuck in reverse, but the gears will be torn out and the transmission repaired. You got secure contracts for 12 years with golden parachutes if your canned or deemed obsolete? The markets are infalted because all the high paying jobs are in big cities and millennials are flocking there to be the next big tech firm. I was pumped! Even then, there might be preferable alternatives. I’m looking to buy another investment property in Texas (Houston preferably) when home prices dip a bit but I’m worried about rental prices softening in tandem, any thoughts? My advice to millennials and (I teach our very young child) is.. to buy real estate as soon as you can. There were 30 percent defaults in some markets during the last recession, and now we are to believe that 3 percent is a reasonable rate? Ready to take advantage of the next hot property? They increased by, , when comparing September 2020 to October 2020 and went up by, The median cost for a single family home was, homes in October 2020, signaling an increase of. For the survey, Zillow and Pulsenomics LLC asked more than 100 real estate economists and experts about what they thought would happen to the housing market in the near future. A lot of people at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were also ‘Friends of Angelo’ who got sweet deals on their mortgages from Countrywide, along with Chris Dodd and Barney Frank and all the rest. Over the last three months, the housing market has changed so rapidly that we began to look at the data on a weekly basis rather than a month monthly basis (as is typical) to illustrate how significantly the market has changed over a shorter timeline. University of Michigan Law School professor and a key architect of the Dodd-Frank Act, “It just seems like a recipe for a huge disaster,” he said. Central Planning and command-control economies with subprime mortgages (and their creation and their demand to be implemented under fear of federal investigation) is what led to the meltdown. They wouldn’t a-done it in the first place if they weren’t forced to make these stupid, worthless loans. Stay out of debt and don’t get caught in their web like an ant being preyed upon by a deadly spider. I bought my primary residence and all my investment properties during such times and have made out wonderfully. I’m afraid, I’ll make the wrong move and buy in at the peak. And it was all based on the fact that the powers that be who created the problem had to then make their buddies whole so that they didn’t lose their homes in the Hamptons or in Aspen or wherever the hell else they have their second or third homes. do you know if the Los Angeles/Southern California housing market is following in the footsteps of San Fran’s weakness yet? I would not wait for lower prices, buyer market is booming. Economists see little break in the feverish Bay Area residential real estate market coming in 2020. I don’t know if you may consider my real estate & mortgage services? Hello Sam, Now, in the second half of 2020, we should once again start worrying about the housing market. They are now trying again at the same price that it didn’t sell for last time they listed it. Same is true in Seattle, though there is still some life left, not much. Most of the properties have been on the market for at least 3-6 months. Real estate experts will be watching the Bay Area housing market closing in 2020, the start of a new decade. I think so. Below are some key, high-level takeaways from the live event. We own our home outright thanks to the 2017 Seattle boom. We all know very well that the trade war between US and China precepitated uncertainties both in the US economy and in the global market and it spells R-E-C-E-S-S-I-O-N. As a result, perhaps there is upside to real estate liquidity if there is a reversion to pre-pandemic level standards sooner. day in October 2020 as compared to September 2020. Based on market analysis, predictions by top economists, and our own experiences, it looks like the Bay Area real estate market will stay on its current course: a (very) slight cooling in prices, continued low inventory, and ongoing buyer competition, especially among first-time homebuyers who are buoyed by attractive mortgage rates. Smart people better sell now while they’re still suckers out there. Any comments by local realtors, on past housing price declines experienced in the last 50 years and how severe the current housing bubble is percentage wise. In the San Francisco Bay Area where I practice real estate, we have over a 67% increase in sales activities (2348 vs 1407 closed sales) over five counties in June 2020 compared to May 2020… However, you lose your job and everything changes. One economic downturn and those million dollar studio apartment sized three bedrooms in Silicon Valley are going to lose half their value. The average increase in price will stabilize but won’t drop prices much. Molekule, coconut water- freaking everything still has a ton of growth in the area, and still no new development in most cities. I keep seeing articles saying that LA is a hot market right now, but my own research is contradictory. Some lower priced homes have gone on the market and are listed as “pending sale” within a day or so. wait 1-2 years. Do you think it’s still as risky now given Trump’s determination to keep rates down, and that new construction is lagging too? We have outgrown way over my 2 bedroom condo. Home ownership has bolstered their wealth significantly, not threatened it.

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