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hutt city council maps

While current district plan maps are done electronically, back in the 1960s they were created directly Upper Hutt City Council is unique. 2017 high resolution ortho-rectified urban and rural aerial imagery. Many areas of New Zealand are subject to natural hazards, and this does have some influence on people’s decisions on where they choose to live. Wairarapa Maps Wellington Water is owned by the Wellington Region’s councils and manages drinking water, waste water and stormwater services on their behalf. Maps for the rest of the region. The Lower Hutt Cemeteries map shows locations for both council owned and private cemeteries. As a member of the public it is highly suggested you use the new version of Xplorer (Xplorer 2.0) 1' which can be found in our Council Archive (ARCH76344). 1' which can be found in our Council Archive (ARCH76344). For coastal flood risk, see the sea level rise hazards interactive map. New historical aerial photo site launched. A one in 100 year flood is the result of an extreme rainfall event, and has a one per cent probability of happening in any given year. Corrosion zones. City of Novi, 45175 Ten Mile Road, Novi, Michigan 48375, PH: 248-347-0460 Regular Business Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm We need to make sure we’re prioritising the right projects, and our long-term plans reflect our communities and what they will need in the future. Overland flow paths are the routes that rainwater will naturally follow on the way to a permanent waterway, such as a stream or river. Export datasets to CAD, GIS, PDF, KML and CSV, and access via API. 17 Upper Hutt City 1 Mangaroa NZ Canal Centrelines (Topo, 1:50k) National Topographic Office Licence 14745 1063 Updated 24 Nov 2020 An artificial open waterway used for transportation, waterpower or irrigation. Browse records of former Council organisations. Xplorer overview: Xplorer is our GIS viewer that allows you to search for properties in Upper Hutt and obtain information such as rates, consen ts and underground services in relation to the property. Hutt City Council's GIS. Wellington Region Liquefaction Potential Greater Wellington Regional Council. Historically, storm water networks were designed to carry away water during low to medium intensity rainfall events. Hutt City is the operating name of the Hutt City Council, Amendment to Building consent application, 2017 high resolution ortho-rectified urban and rural aerial imagery. Meetings. Show Map. The map below shows an overview of the Hutt Valley. We believe there's a long list of things that are great about working at Hutt City Council. Growing our city. The modelling is based on current best practice and has been peer reviewed by independent experts. The potential threat to life and the damage and disruption caused by flooding have serious impacts on residents, property owners and businesses. Each insurance company has its own methods of determining risk, the services they provide and what they charge for flood insurance. Building development, historic land use, changes to rivers and coasts over time, can all be seen by viewing old aerial photographs. Imagery was captured for the ‘Hutt City Council’ by AAM NZ Limited, 6 Ossian St, NAPIER, New Zealand. When rainfall exceeds the pipe capacity, then water flows overland. Geospatial data for Upper Hutt City. Cemetery Register Search for information on burials in Lower Hutt including churchyards, private burial grounds and Taita Cemetery - old section. Sustainable Lower Hutt. Cookies help us to understand how you use our website so that we can provide you with the best experience when you are on our site. Use the viewer to scroll through time. The storm water network of pipes and pumps is designed to drain normal levels of rainfall away from properties, into waterways and on to the coast. BRANZ Maps also include the changes to the zone boundaries in the Canterbury region introduced by the New Zealand Building Code clause B1 compliance document published in August 2011. Map Gallery. Historic aerials Download the Hutt City … Want to find out more? Hutt City Council is looking for a talented Māori Systems Innovator to join their Healthy Families Hutt Valley team. Hutt City Council Pay your infringements This site will help you pay your infringements online quickly and easily without the need to come into our office or telephone us. All digital content is made available under Creative Commons Licence Browse Data. The Hutt City Council also hosts a searchable map of the tsunami evacuation zones in Lower Hutt. On the coast Welcome! We currently do not charge fees for drainage plans. Talk to your insurance company to get accurate advice. Inundation is another word for flooding and is depicted on the map as areas where flooding is likely to exceed 50mm. A data layer that is grayed-out on the Map Contents list must be viewed at a larger scale to make it visible. This one is from 1961 for the 1964 District Plan. All rights reserved. Flood events will be more severe in the future as sea levels rise and we experience increased frequencies of damaging and disruptive weather patterns. Hutt City Tracks and Trails A detailed index of many walks, tracks and trails around the Lower Hutt city and a handy map showing you where they all are. Climate change is causing sea level rise and is predicted to bring much heavier rainfall than we currently experience. 21. Council resolution to make the District Plan operative in part - … Upper Hutt city council has rejected funding for the deployment of universal water meters, potentially at odds with the rest of the region. This layer is a component of the Topo50 map series. Author: John Gibson Do you want to know about historic development of your area? The model includes forecasted changes to our local climate. Wellington Water has completed computer modelling of the likely impacts of extreme rainfall on the urban areas of Wainuiomata. KCDC Web maps gallery . WCC Web map viewer. Map of Upper Hutt, New Zealand with street names and local businesses. It has a responsibility to ensure future developments avoid flood prone areas and do not make downstream flooding risk worse. Stream corridors typically consist of a buffer of five metres either side of the stream’s centreline. They show which areas might be flooded in an extreme rainfall event and to what depth they may be flooded. Imagery was captured for the ‘Upper Hutt City Council’ by AAM NZ Limited, 6 Ossian St, NAPIER, New Zealand. The maps have been developed to best practice modelling standards and have been peer reviewed by external independent experts.

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