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disney songs about nature

Everything about it brims with positivity. Dining alone never seemed so thrilling! It’s arguably the most important Disney song since the 1990s, but its power has since translated to Frozen Ever After. The song accelerates in lockstep with a chase scene through the city streets, introducing us to the shops, cops, and, uh, courtesans of Aladdin’s home. (Also in this group: “Two Worlds” from Tarzan, and whatever song the orchestra is playing when Bambi’s mom gets hunted.) Just from that one lyric, you’re already thinking about Pirates of the Caribbean, aren’t you? Expand search to show all songs Refine Search Refine Results . The criminally underrated Princess and the Frog features a few memorable songs, but my favorite is the heart-warming ballad “Ma Belle Evangeline.” Voice-acting genius and New Orleans resident Jim Cummings is accompanied by trumpeter Terence Blanchard, and he sings about falling in love with a star in the sky. “Be Our Guest” is iconic, the closest Disney animation ever came to Busby Berkeley. Knibbs: Simba goes through some heavy shit in The Lion King—which is, lest we forget, a children’s movie about a boy processing the emotional fallout of watching his uncle murder his dad. It is the song that’s playing as we see Anna and Elsa’s parents die in a shipwreck, so, you know, good vibes all around. I mean, look at this lion: Take approximately six sips of water, Scar. You’re damn right. Look no further! This juxtaposition is made all the more powerful by what happens seconds after the song ends, and Mulan finds a doll in the still-burning wreckage. His force of will impressed the Shermans so much that they honored him with music that has stood the test of time. DuckTales - Theme Song | Disney+ Throwbacks | Disney+ 1:00. Simba is entitled, arrogant, and extremely charming, romping his way throughout his soon-to-be kingdom without a care in the world. D&D Beyond How could I not, since Disney … The more words the better! By now, we’re all going a bit stir-crazy. The song defies you to listen without tapping your foot and bopping your head, if not full-on dancing in time with the chorus. We now know more about the first role Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will have once she leaves the royal family -- and it's a return to her Hollywood roots. Composed and demoed by Elton John in less than two hours, “Circle of Life” lost out at the Oscars to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” another John song from the soundtrack, which won the 1995 Academy Award for Best Original Song. Afterward, Disney utilizes Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah as a celebratory prize. Technically, they aren’t singing at all; the whole number proceeds via inner monologue, reflecting the unlikely lovebirds’ reluctance to reveal what they’re feeling. Quasi wants to be noticed by Esmeralda, the woman with whom he has fallen in love, and as he looks out over the burning city of Paris, he wonders whether she is safe. The Beatles - "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" and "Mother Nature's Son" Ben Harper - "Excuse Me Mr." Billie Eilish - "all the good girls go to hell" ... Disney's Friends for Change - … Whenever anyone hears the phrase, “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” they can’t help but think of a timeless stage show at Tomorrowland. One Little Spark and The Three Caballeros both received a long look, but I went more modern with my two picks. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, picked up a prize for Best Song from a Movie at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. The story functions as a re-do of Finding Nemo, as the little tyke once again wanders off and gets lost. And while it’s a pretty impactful scene in the film, “Hakuna Matata” may also be the most fun four minutes of any Disney animated movie. Some of the famous Disney movies are Lion King, Mulan, Pocahontas, Frozen etc. Most of them, like this, are forgettable. (We don’t actually see them at work, because this is a Disney movie, but we do see another woman declare Aladdin “rather tasty.” Risqué!) Schuster: From its twinkling, plink-ling opening notes to the jazzy finale, “Hakuna Matata” is a transformative journey. Zoladz: First of all, this is an underrated karaoke song. It’s weird how well a song about longing works in a cartoon about mer-people, and it works only because Ariel’s cosseted frustration is treated like a real problem. No, it’s Disney California Adventure in the park’s purest form, an opening day attraction highlighted by Jerry Goldsmith’s score. The pop version, with Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle, even hit no. It’s gentle and calm during astounding moments of nature. 17, “Colors of the Wind”) but it’s equally full of adventure and a message to better appreciate nature—which is a very relevant theme in 2019! “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is great—first because it slaps, second because it’s a song in a children’s movie about how avarice is diseased, as demonstrated by a big, shaky baritone and pink wisps of smoke that occasionally take the shape of men who want to be taller and buffer, and women who want to be slimmer, more stylish, and more beautiful. Alyssa Bereznak: When Disney released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, during the tail end of the Great Depression, children’s entertainment was sparse, Roombas did not exist, and few families had the disposable income or free time to be precious about their progeny. However, what I take from the group is how memorable all Disney park music is. Instead we get a thin-sliced version of her worldview in song, which is a million times better. The only song performed by the Beast—thanks to a suggestion by Belle actress Paige O’Hara—“Something There” was a late replacement for the longer “Human Again,” a song that was scrapped from the original Beauty and the Beast but brought back in subsequent versions. That’s the power of Disney and its sensory experiences. It transports you to one of the sets, where you watch ships battle over unseen treasures. 1. This isn’t a relationship based on bold gestures or infatuation. Then again, you might think about an angry woman endlessly chasing her man around in a circle. Surrey: With The Little Mermaid’s boisterous underwater melody, Disney expressed a universal truth: The sea is dope. But The Little Mermaid’s retrograde approach to romantic relationships is old news. Friends, we can recreate the Disney park experience right in our homes! Dear god, Nala’s face is the most DTF thing I’ve ever seen. Vocal Sheet (16) Lead Sheet (43) Chord Sheet (41) Sound Sample (108) 0 … Tom Waits loved it. All Rights Reserved. for Disney, a Grammy for Song of the Year, beating out Sting, Billy Joel, Neil Young, and, yes, Meat Loaf. No idea!) Charlotte Goddu: Before Beauty and the Beast dives into the therianthropy and kidnapping that make up the majority of its plot, this song lays a foundation by communicating the key elements of Belle’s character: She likes to read and she is very pretty. Overall, it’s a much more layered song than that other one. Seriously, “Let It Go” is a jam, but it would be about a quarter as impactful without Menzel’s range and the absolutely pummeling power of her voice. Brian Wilson loved it. I guess the person she was inside was just longing to wear these pants. Maybe it’s time for a re-examination of this forgotten oddity of Disney’s Golden Age, because “Out There,” at least, is as stirring as any Disney musical set piece. Nothing. Ben Lindbergh: “Something There” isn’t selling a, well, Disneyfied version of romance. 337. But also, what a generationally formative lesson in environmentalism! Hearing the instrumental version of Soarin’ will remind you of flying. Actress Who Voiced Pocahontas Arrested After Two Drunken Incidents In Three Days, Characters Returning to Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. Stunning images await as you journey into the depths of a wonderland filled with mystery, beauty and power. Our hero ultimately outwits his pursuers, not that he takes too much pleasure in it. I recently discussed the Disney noises that I miss the most, and I had an epiphany while writing it. I suspect that every song I list here will immediately give you an earworm, which is kinda the point. And for what it’s worth, this one is exceedingly hornier. We desperately miss the sights and sounds of our beloved theme park attractions. Content ©2020 The Ringer All Rights Reserved, Vanessa Williams belted out the soundtrack cut. “You can guess what we have missed the most since we went off to war” doesn’t ring as innocently in 2019 as the writers may have intended, and “in victory, they’ll line up at the door” just feels gross. This isn’t a song to sing along to, it’s a song to sit and be moved by. Many of the song lyrics are delightfully heart-warming […] Even Tom Hanks occasionally bursts into song when he thinks about it. I loved this song as a kid. During the 1960s, people worried about a third World War. Don’t even try to sing this at home. Michael Baumann: This is just great musical songwriting—in fact, if anything, it’s a little overambitious for a children’s movie, with its countermelodies, key changes, and Tom Hulce’s piercing upper-register tenor. A gentle, sunny reminder that the universe tends to sort itself out. (I should note that I am a capital-S Sucker for a good key change, and, boy, does this song have one—along with a spectacular outfit swap from Elsa.) It’s a love song from someone who doesn’t want to be in love, who knows enough to assume things aren’t going to work out. They adore the nonsense sounds like cha chagachuka that come from the robot birds. But now? is a highlight, a song that turns the jungle into a New Orleans bar circa 1934. My family and I live close enough to drive to Orlando so we opt for the road trip so that means preparing hours of music to keep us entertained. Disney cleverly sprinkles it throughout the scenes. I adored Ariel when I was growing up because she sang “I want more!” as though she really deserved it, and it was cool to have a Disney princess whose main virtue was curiosity. No disrespect to Donald Glover and friggin’ Beyoncé, but with Jon Favreau’s live-action version of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” performed in broad daylight with two photorealistic and inexpressive lions that look like they emerged from the Planet Earth series, there’s no question the original track—much like the original film—remains king. Peters: For most of the songs on this list, the movie in question would still be The Movie without them—this is deeply untrue for “The Bare Necessities.” Putting aside that the late Phil Harris (Baloo, but also Little John from Robin Hood, Patou from Rock-a-Doodle, and O’Malley from The Aristocats) was profoundly in his bag, the song is warm, fuzzy, and comforting. “I Wan’na Be Like You” is one of the best offerings from Disney, early proof that the best way to make a good children’s movie song is to just make a good song, period. Gotta eat to live; gotta steal to eat. Her tone is damning, but as she hits that chorus, the melody swoops and soars like the eagle she sings about. I can’t say I mind. Imagineers have lined the walls with screens so that the haunting power of Elsa’s anthem will follow you that much longer. He came up with a remarkable idea that combined puppets with international customs in a charming, child-friendly way. Baumann: On the Tarzan soundtrack, Phil Collins eyed up Elton John’s galactically popular efforts on Lion King and tried to ratchet the earnestness up to 11, all while not quite hitting the musical theater bull’s-eye the way Sir Elton did. But that’s just one perspective on “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” As the troops trudge through the countryside, we see what it is they’re really fighting for: the thunderous hills, gentle rivers, and quiet farmers of feudal China at peace. Andrew Gruttadaro: Opening songs are a tradition in Disney canon (“Circle of Life,” “Fathoms Below,” etc. Zach Kram: One of my favorite computer games as a kid was the Hercules edition of Disney’s Animated Storybook, a point-and-click adventure with various “save the world” mini-games. (What’s scarier than a dude who can’t take no for an answer and whose first impulse is to punch things?) Goddu: First thing’s first: “Kiss the Girl” takes a real this-movie-was-released-in-1989 approach to consent that, in this day and age, I cannot endorse. Recorded for Pinocchio in 1939, “When You Wish Upon a Star” won the 1941 Academy Award for Best Original Song, making it the first Disney song to snag an Oscar. It's likely to get stuck in your head (warning: this song is NSFW). Scar ruins the Pride Lands immediately (the Disney version of Golden State blowing a 3-1 lead); “Be Prepared” is his arch thesis statement; and also a banger; and also just good advice for anyone about to take a test, do a presentation, or attempt to usurp a ubiquitously popular king. “Under the Sea” is infectious to jam to—whether listening to the original, Oscar-and-Grammy-winning rendition or one of its contemporary remixes. Vanessa Williams belted out the soundtrack cut, but credit should also go to Judy Kuhn, who brought life to the version Pocahontas sings in the movie. Rapunzel has taught the importance of nature because while she is stuck in the tower, she has nothing to do and many times repeats doing things, but when taken out of the tower she is excited and very intrigued in her surroundings. With Grim Grinning Ghosts, you can almost close your eyes and imagine the song playing at several points during Haunted Mansion. Here are nine Disney songs you can add to a playlist to make you feel like you’re at the parks. Now, you get to sing along with all the happy residents of the paddleboat! Which is a roundabout way of saying that it taught us everything. “The Gospel Truth” is a full bop and accomplishes a remarkable amount of world-building in a few minutes. Sign me up. If it doesn’t sweep you away to Disneyland in your mind, nothing will. This song became such “a thing” that my nephew’s preschool class sang it at their graduation, and he happily “rehearsed” it for what must have been weeks leading up to the performance. Come on, you knew this one would make the list. You’ve survived the dangers of Splash Mountain! Lindsay Zoladz: Not many of us can relate to the experience of going undercover to battle against a vicious emperor, but who hasn’t been here: “When will my reflection show who I am inside?” “Reflection” cuts to the core of what it feels like to be Mulan, but it also speaks to anyone who’s ever felt like they’ve had to hide their authentic self in order to be accepted: “Now I see if I wear a mask I can fool the world / But I cannot fool my heart.” The actress and singer Lea Salonga brings a beautiful pathos to the version in the movie, but I’ll always be partial to the 1998 version performed by a then-little-known recording artist named Christina Aguilera. “Part of Your World” nails that late-childhood angst about waiting impatiently to matter better than any other children’s movie song. Knibbs: One thing that sucks about being a kid is that you’re not important, and at some point you realize that you just kinda have to wait until you grow up a bit to be a real person in the world. ♫ What didn’t this song teach us about the nature of love? The gargoyles use this opportunity to serenade him into thinking that wherever she is, she is thinking about him and totally digs him. I’m not ashamed. Harvilla: At a particularly low point in 1967’s The Jungle Book, when our hero Mowgli is at his mopiest, here come the vultures, a quartet of explicitly Beatlesque moptops (voiced by J. Pat O’Malley, Digby Wolfe, Lord Tim Hudson, and Chad Stuart) who regale our hero with a sweet and only slightly menacing barbershop-quartet showstopper: “We’re friends with every creature comin’ down the pike / In fact we’ve never met an animal we didn’t like.” Disney, in fact, tried to get the actual Beatles for the gig, but ran into scheduling conflicts, or maybe John Lennon just pitched a fit. All we need is the right soundtrack. ... A sarcastic song about a time when Mother Nature takes over and things like highways and 7 … Or maybe you’re thinking about a dog refusing to give a key to the prisoners it could save. He wanted each of his attractions to set a mood and tone for the participants. I firmly believe that one could boil down the plots of roughly 75 percent of movies to “kissing.” But how many of those films boast a musical number dedicated to that central, smooch-related choice? I think it’s telling that the Sherman Brothers are responsible for one-third of this list…and that’s after I leave out One Little Spark. From Disneynature, the studio that brought you "Earth", "Oceans", "African Cats" and "Chimpanzee", comes "Wings of Life" – a stunning adventure full of intrigue, drama and mesmerizing beauty. As a consolation prize, the evil tiger Shere Khan drops by to drop an unbelievable low note. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that Disney constructed the entire attraction around this song. Written by Disney god Alan Menken with lyrics by Tim Rice—and sung by Aladdin stars Brad Kane and Lea Salonga in the film—“A Whole New World” won both an Oscar for Best Original Song and, in a first (and only!) 50. And when you hear this song, you can’t help but feel like you’re in the room with them, watching them put on a show. Still, the most memorable moment occurs at the graveyard, where the dead celebrate their plight. To the side of these games was a music station where you could listen—and sing along, if you were so inclined—to a few of the soundtrack’s offerings. Mulan—who of course doesn’t really have “a girl worth fighting for”—tries to push back against her meathead companions, but her interjection (“How ’bout a girl who has a brain, who always speaks her mind?”) doesn’t really land with them. The song drives this theme home. And I’ll do the same…, Bob Iger Said He’d Consider A Position With The Biden Administration. Their spins aren’t exactly convincing, but they get an A for effort. Alison Herman: This song is our introduction to Aladdin, Charming Rapscallion, which is crucial for maintaining our loyalty once he magically transforms into Aladdin, Filthy Rich Prince. Schuster: Idina Menzel, blast my body into atoms using the sonic boom of your vocal cords! We buy into the illusion that Disney’s selling. So, while Let It Go comes from a movie, I believe that it’s at least partially co-opted by Frozen Ever After. Sure, the lyrics probably paint an unrealistic picture of adulthood—anything your heart desires will come to you?—but the fantasy is fun while it lasts. That scene worked without the dialogue it originally included because the imagery and music spoke for itself. The 40 Best Disney Songs, Ranked ... “Colors of the Wind”) but it’s equally full of adventure and a message to better appreciate nature—which is a very relevant theme in 2019! Written by the Sherman brothers, the guys you can thank for “It’s a Small World (After All),” it’s a truly good song even outside of its Disney confines. When I think about the song now, I’m riding a boat, not sitting in a movie theater. 42 Amazing Disney Songs You'll Want to Sing Along to Right Now "You Can Fly" (Peter Pan) "Friend Like Me" (Aladdin) "A Whole New World" (Aladdin) "You're Welcome" (Moana) "Un Poco Loco" (Coco) "Remember Me" (Coco) "Reflection" (Mulan) "Circle of Life… Hercules’s soundtrack is perhaps best remembered for the Muses’ music, but the ballads from Herc and Megara are the actual best part; the fact that “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)” isn’t in the top 10 is a striking indictment of my colleagues’ judgment. The best part is how much kids love it. The Simpsons loved it. And out of all of them, The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room is the most insidious. Walt Disney understood the importance of musical accompaniment in theatrical staging. I love this silly little attraction, which rarely has a long line but always delivers a ton of satisfaction. Many of these children cartoons are astonishingly well-crafted, be it storyline, song, character’s illustration etc. "Spirit" (The Lion King, 2019) Naturally, just the mention of Beyoncé is enough to command people's … All we need is the right soundtrack. Flexing about how he eats dozens of eggs every morning—nobody has high cholesterol, clogged arteries, and increasing blood pressure like Gaston!—among other exaggerated proclivities, “Gaston” is as entertaining as its subtext is low-key terrifying. When Disney brought Hannah Montana to the big screen in 2009, it was critical for Miley Cyrus to have an unforgettable song. That’s in keeping with Hunchback’s weird, dark, and sinister tone, which never really sat right when I saw this movie as a fourth-grader. Not coincidentally, the Shermans wrote this song as a tribute to Walt Disney, something you’ll realize when you think through the lyrics. Mostly, its value is in signifying that Phil Collins is about to get weird and (successfully) score an entire movie; but it also provides a saccharine mood for a low-key traumatic prologue in which a baby gorilla gets EATEN BY A TIGER! Surrey: An ode to bro fragility, “Gaston” is the ego boost our antagonist requires from his legion of sycophants after getting rejected by Belle early in the film. It’s not even lyrics inasmuch as one word repeated so often that it gets in your brain. Gruttadaro: Did I spend the first decade and a half of my life thinking Mrs. Potts was singing “tailor’s old as time” and that “Beauty and the Beast” was some allegory about a ridiculously aged suit-maker? The most euphoric Disney song is your reward. I could select a bunch of different EPCOT songs here. This is a song about a slow-growing relationship in which fright at first sight slowly turns to affection as Belle starts to see past the “coarse and unrefined” manner the Beast has built up to shield himself from rejection. Lindbergh: It’s strange to experience a strong emotional response to a song that’s become a corporate anthem, but that’s what will happen when most of one’s cherished childhood movies are preceded by the same melody. That’s the miraculous achievement of the song. 13 Awesome Eco-Friendly Songs That'll Help You Celebrate Earth Day. And, even if you somehow managed to miss that phase of your childhood (thanks, mom and dad! It’s almost the Disney version of “locker room talk,” a PG way for weary soldiers to share their sexual conquests. Then, the boat reverses course so that guests can watch more of the performance. Olivia Holt, star of Kickin' It, shows off her music video, "Carry On", from Disneynature's Bears. The Jungle Book has maybe the most relistenable songs out of any animated Disney film, and “I Wan’na Be Like You” (why is the apostrophe in there? Interested in booking a Disney Vacation? Peters: It’s a pop song with a giant orchestra and a meaty backing chorus section, the one most likely to send an entire car full of adults into hysterics when it comes on shuffle three hours into a road trip. Let’s put disapproval aside for a moment to appreciate the song’s revolutionary pairing of utter simplicity and bald honesty. It’d be insufferable if it weren’t so catchy. Lillias White, who sings as Calliope, one of the main Muses, has had a long career in New York theater and cabaret, and I cannot imagine anyone I’d like to sing-narrate my life story more. At that age, nothing quite beats listening to a personalized pump-up jam before going the distance to send Hades back to the Underworld. (It lost to “The Way We Were.”) Written by Disney music guru George Bruns and Floyd Huddleston and sung by Nancy Adams, it’s a breathy bit of romantic melancholia that Lana Del Rey really ought to cover this instant: “Once we watched a lazy world go by / Now the days seem to fly / Life is brief, but when it’s gone / Love goes on and on.” Indeed, in 2009, “Love” made the soundtrack to Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox, if you need further indication of the song’s enduring gorgeousness, which, of course, you don’t. Friends, we can recreate the Disney park experience right in our homes! There are plenty of amazing songs in The Little Mermaid, which … (Plus, the animation still looks incredible even 25 years later—just look at it in comparison with Jon Favreau’s forthcoming remake.) 1 on the Hot 100, sealing the song’s singular dominance in a Disney catalog defined by dominance. Fire it up next time you’re at karaoke and see if it doesn’t transport you somewhere. While some lyrics make more sense with knowledge of the movie's story line that they were written for, other Disney lyrics are very relatable and inspiring for any listener. Long before we millennials were wracked with anxiety about climate catastrophe we were children singing along to this Oscar-winning Disney ballad about the timeless dangers of that very evil. Kram: “Prince Ali” isn’t the best Aladdin song—keep reading!—but it is the most fun and the best to encapsulate the magic of that particular movie. But before all the trauma starts, he gets to sing “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” one of the most purely playful Disney songs. 0:50. In the Big Blue World is pure Disney magic. Careful! So it tracks that one of the era’s catchiest children’s tunes just so happened to be a song about enjoying your chores. We are always sure to make a playlist of all our favorite Disney songs to get us prepared for our Disney adventure! In case you’re wondering, I don’t consider this one an EPCOT song. Copyright © 2020, Launchpad Digital Network, LLC. The coupling of that opening cry and the image of a red sun rising over the veld has made millions of listeners and viewers feel like they’re perched upon Pride Rock, suspended in a sunbeam. Doesn’t the thought of it make you happy? Yes, Uncle Walt is the man with the dream as well as the mind and heart to make it happen. There are about a dozen beloved, universally recognized classic Disney tracks, and they repeatedly populate, … I ordered these alphabetically, and the outcome serendipitously works out the same as on the ride, Splash Mountain. The “Be Our Guest” sequence in (yes, the original) Beauty and the Beast is a feat of visual wit, ingenuity, and 2D animation—the whole thing feels like the best acid trip of all time. ), and while “Two Worlds” isn’t the best of them—nor is Tarzan the best of animated Disney films—it certainly gets the job done. Oh, who am I kidding? Narrated by … YOLO before YOLO existed; a common phrase to crochet on a pillow before “Keep Calm and Carry On” overtook Pinterest boards. If you want to learn some meaningful life lessons, try watching Disney movies. Perhaps it’s the purest demonstration of the future, something we only fully appreciate when we look to the past. One of my favorite parts of a Disney vacation happens before I even get to Disney World. Everyone knows that he’s safe and sound when he returns to his school, and the happy musical singalong begins. With Jon Favreau’s live-action-ish remake of The Lion King out later this week, we decided to rank the 40 best musical numbers ever from animated films put out by Disney. But I like it because it evokes childhood in a sweet but sad kind of way, as you recall both the joy of only caring about playing in the snow and the loneliness of sometimes not having anyone to play in the snow with. 600 Songs with theme: Nature. Dive into OCEANS from Disneynature, the studio that brought you EARTH, for a spectacular story about remarkable creatures under the sea. Zoladz: The definition of a show stopper. Pinocchio's moment of self-triumph became an anthem for showing off an incredible feat, and the sweet, singsong nature of the song is deeply embedded in … Kate Knibbs: Female characters tend to be fully good or fully bad in Disney movies—a Maleficent or a Sleeping Beauty, if you will—but Meg is a little harder to neatly categorize, as she’s a good person with an attitude problem who makes some bad choices.

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