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red pigeon discus

FISH FOOD FOR SALE. FREE next-day shipping on domestic orders over $499! Home / Discus Strains Stock List Updated: 11/27/2020 Price varies according to strain and size, so simply click on the photo of your desired fish and select the size from the option menu to see availability and prices. MOSAIC LEOPARD. Please look at the pictures and click on the picture for details of these interesting Red Pigeon Blood discus. Feeding with tetra granules, beef heart mix and brine shrimp. not rated $ 90.00 Select options. The Discus has surpassed the Angelfish as the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. Discus fish for sale sizes from 3" to 7" available. PIGEON CHECKERBOARD. Ex Animals. The Red Pigeon Discus is one of the many varieties available. not rated $ 59.00 Select options. 2:17. The Red Pigeon Blood discus is highlighted by Bright round Red eyes. These stripes crisscross in such a way that the overall pattern resembles a checkerboard, hence its name. Add Comment. Discus Size: Age Age: 4 months; Ready to leave Ready to leave: Now The Red Snakeskin is a pattern discus. Bulldog Red Maze Pigeon. Red Pigeon Discus. RED PIGEON DISCUS regular. Rated 5 out of 5. by John Iannone; 10 x 2.5" Discus our pick. Very beautiful healthy Discus cichlid fish, hava an amazing colour. Our December 2019 Shipment - Red Pigeon - Dennis Discus Videos . Discus are considered the princesses of the fish hobby. Anyways, the discuses are doing great it seems. Scientific name:Symphysodon aequifasciatus Selective breeding has produced many beautiful varieties of … Additional information. Additional information Additional information. Stendker Red Pigeons from Discus Hans with fry. Rhea Chakraborty. Lätt nybörjar discus! Premium Stendker Discus from Germany [ezcol_1half] Discus Red Pigeon Blood Jumbo, Pet World, Rochester. STENDKER Discus Fish live for up to 15 years, can reach a size of up to 21cm / 8” in diameter and are fully grown at the age of 2 to 2.5 years. RED COVER. But now of course they live in aquariums all over the world. MOSAIC LEOPARD. The Red Pigeon variety however has more of a red base. Ranganath. One can select from almost any color, and pattern. 3:21. Very nice large size over 5.0″ Red Pigeon Blood discus. They are a very colorful and bright red with a hint of orange. Today, most discus being sold are tank bred. Also, if a pigeon line fish does not have pepper, does it mean that it has loss all its pigeon genes? The elegant golden-yellow scales in the mid-body, gill, eye and mouth regions blend naturally with the red to form a complimentary color scheme that truly captivates. good size 3”. 375 liters Mix. At Myrtle Beach Discus, our discus are hand picked from internationally recognized breeders.Our breeding pairs … Ended: Oct 26, 2020. Our December 2019 Shipment - Golden Pigeon & Golden Panda - Dennis Discus Videos . ph 6.8 soft water 30 deg - Ideal for all Discus. Email us for more details. The Red Checkerboard Discus has a distinct pattern of white to turquoise to red stripes on its body that distinguish it from the other members of the Discus family. Another colorful Discus, at young age the Red Maze Pigeon will start to show a nice red pattern all over the body, a few months later they will color up nicely and soon they will become one of your favorite. Red Pigeon Blood Discus Fish 4 Inch quantity. Hi guys, just want to find out if there is any difference between checkerboard and red map discus. It is such a popular fish mainly because of it’s beauty, and demeanor. The overall coloration of Discus will vary depending on mood and overall health of the fish. Red Pigeon Discus 3”-3.5” Live Tropical Freshwater Aquatic Fish - High Quality . Excellent round shape and large size. However, some people have told me that red maps are checkerboards without any pepper, is that true? SKU: discusfls14801211. Scientific Name: Symphysodon aequifasciata Common Name: Red Pigeon Discus Max Size: 8" pH: 5.0-7.0 Hardness: Soft Temperature: 74-84° Aggressiveness: Semi-Aggressive Region of Origin: South America Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bred Diet: Flake or pellet Compatibility: South American cichlids, schooling fish larger tha RED MELON. Goldmedlemmarnas akvarium med arten. SKU: DBBDD-1 Category: Discus Strains. SIZE 3” Inches See original listing. Our facilities collectively house over 30,000 gallons, 25,000 discus fish, and 90+ strains at … Rhea Chakraborty Ne Drugs syndicate Mein Sara Ali Khan, Rakul Preet Aur Simone Ka Naam Liya.

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