How to Apply Flake Dry

Firstly, thank you for either purchasing one of applicators or at least considering purchasing one.

Before we start, I just need to say up front –  Do not go live on a project without getting familiar with our gun. It takes a little while to get used to applying flake dry. So practice on a few items first.

Prepare everything – fill your flake gun, sort your clear coat gun out, etc.

Metal Flake can be applied over any colour, some people prefer to use a base colour the same as the flake, but for scientific reasons if you’re going for solid coverage – black gives the brightest results. It absorbs the lights and helps the flake colour reflect back.

Are you ready?

1). Apply a grip/dust coat of your preferred clear on, let it flash off (This is a very important key part, if you miss this and go to step 2 your flake could “sag” and “curtain” down your item)

2). As soon as the grip/dust coat has flashed off apply a wet coat of clear – do not let it flash off.

3). Using your dry flake gun/airbrush adaptor apply the flake in a consistent manner retaining a consistent distance and speed (That you have tested and happy with).

The Nozzles do help blending passes so choose the correct one for your item.

When you’ve achieved the desired coverage and before your clear is starting to “flash” off and not accepting flake anymore, blow the flake in to the clear this varies depending upon which applicator you have – 1000 you can remove the barrel/jar and use it as a blow gun or you can simply turn the flake valve off and increase the air pressure via the regulator.

The 500 Airbrush Adaptor remove the barrel/jar and using air only, 500 mini gun use your clear coat gun on air only.

This procedure is quite important as it reduces build up, so you will be able to clear using less material, reducing  risk of cutting through into your flake when polishing.

Please remember that the pressure and flake volume can be controlled dependent upon which applicator you have – 1000 has an air regulator and flake valve to completely dial your gun in.

The 500 Mini Gun can be controlled via your airbrush compressors regulator same as the 500 Airbrush Adaptor.

If you have not achieved the desired coverage then repeat step 3, until you reach it.

4). When you have achieved your desired coverage apply clear coat as much as is necessary to be able to safely flat your clear back – this will vary upon what size flake you have applied. I’m afraid experience will tell you how many is best. If you’re unsure apply as much as your clear coat manufacture says is possible – it is better to be safe than sorry.

A word of caution – Never try to apply too much clear on top of freshly applied flaked clear as this can cause the flakes to “Sag” and potentially “Curtain” down your item.

Click here for our Digital version of How to Apply Metal Flake Guide. 

How To Apply Metal Flake Dry Digital View