Dry Metal Flake (Glitter)

Flake King Polyester Flake was specifically designed to meet the requirements of manufacturers of decorated fabrics, adhesives, vinyl, sheeting, plastic molding, inks, paints, in industries such as automotive, leisure, commercial properties, theme parks, marine and many more, all of which require metal flake glitter with outstanding physical and chemical properties.

Please follow this link to view our testing and technical data sheet on our award winning flake. Click Link

Polyester with an aluminium coating, dye coated for guaranteed show stopping brightness and ultimate lightfastness. You can use them as a base for your graphics or just as they are.

Professionals worldwide are using them with confidence, the results speak for themselves – please check out our friends page.

Please feel free to browse our digital metal flake colours below, it will give you an idea of the colours – However, if you really want to see them in all their glory you can purchase the real thing – hand flaked hot rod flamed shapes illustrating exactly the colour you will receive and achieve.

Please note that the “Off The Shelf” sizes are listed on each colour, however for sizes not listed in that colour we can supply it, but there will be a minimum order quantity of 5 kilo’s.

Showing 1–12 of 36 results

Showing 1–12 of 36 results