Why Apply Flake Dry?

The big question everyone asks is…

Why Apply Metal Flake Dry?

Thank you for asking, the answer to your question has quite a few reasons /benefits actually.

Here they are…

  • Minimises the amount of flake you use
  • Reduces the volume of catalysed clear that you use
  • Which in turn reduces the risk of clear coat failure and potential “sagging” of flake and clear
  • Increase speed significantly – we’re talking 2 to 3 days savings for a typical Harley Davidson and possibly a week for a car
  • Improves the clean up process – because the flake is dry when applied, it simply brushes up/off.
  • Which reduces risk of cross contamination of future paint jobs
  • Because you have a dry flake gun, there is no longer flake in your clear coat gun again reducing the risk of flake ending up in future paint jobs

Our dry flake guns will save you money all round, when you’ve used it – you will wonder how you ever flaked before.

What’s the alternative, really?

If you’ve never used a dry flake gun this is what you’re probably used to…

  • Flake sticking to everything – floors, walls – nigh on impossible to sweep up, finding it for months. Because its applied in clear coat it’s sticks like $% to a blanket
  • Waiting days to re flake to slowly build up the flake to your desired coverage
  • Flake in your clear coat gun that seems to appear in every job you do after it
  • Using bucket loads of clear to bury your flake deep enough to cut back for re clearing or polishing

…and these are just a few!