Dry Flake Guns

We are pleased to say that we now have 3 dry flake guns and our 500 Airbrush Adaptor in our portfolio.

We have 4 distinct models – 500, 550, 1000 & 1050

Overview of our Flake King Dry Flake Guns and How to Apply Metal Flake Dry

500 – Airbrush Version

Ideal for small jobs up to the size of a motorcycle helmet, skateboards, simply push fits directly on the front of the airbrush.

Runs off an airbrush compressor

Requires an adaptor specific to a model of airbrush sold separately.

The available airbrush adaptors are:

  • Iwata BCS Eclipse, HPC
  • Iwata BCR Revolution
  • Iwata Neo
  • Badger 105, 3155, 360
  • Harder & Steenbeck Evolution
  • Paasche Talon

To fit an adaptor loosen the screw inside the lid, push the adaptor in and tighten the screw. Some adaptors are a really tight fit you can overcome this by simply licking your little finger and running it around the o’ring making it a lot easier to push on.

550 Mini Gun Version (Does not require an airbrush)

Ideal for small jobs up to the size of a motorcycle tank, mudguards, Skateboards, etc.

Runs off an airbrush compressor


Depending upon how tight the screw within the lid is set can determine wether the barrel and pot “self levels”.

Comes with a 1/4″ female to 1/8″ male airline adaptor enabling it to run off an airbrush compressor or a standard compressor.

1000 Flake King Metal Flaking Gun

Ideal for any size item that you wish to flake – from bowling balls up to vehicles and even large areas such as walls in your home, restaurant or theme park rides.


The gun is supplied with our medium nozzle but has a small and large nozzle available as accessories, designed to assist in the blending of “passes” Flake Valve to control the volume of flake dispensed when combined with the supplied air regulator gives maximum control of the amount of flake dispensed.

The 1000 comes with a thumbscrew at the bottom of the barrel this enables you to set the barrel & pot to fixed or self levelling.

1050 Dry Powder & Flake Gun

Designed to apply our patina corroded metal powders, a simplified version with the exclusion of the flake valve but with the powder pick up tube already installed. Supplied with an air regulator and our medium sized nozzle.

Both the 1000 and 1050 need to run off a normal air compressor.

Pro Series Kit

Designed for the professional or serious hobbyist.

This kit provides everything you need to assemble the 500, 550 & 1000 models including all the necessary accessories such as an Iwata Eclipse Airbrush Adaptor, Small, Medium & Large Flake Nozzles, Air Regulator and 1/4″ female to 1/8″ male airline adaptors.

All our flake & Corroded Metal jars screw directly to their relevant gun making them an easy swap for continuity of work. however please note that if you want to apply our patina corroded metal powders then you will have to use our special pick up tube – designed to provide a steady flow of powder.

To see how to apply dry flake follow this link to our how to page.