Flake King 1000 Gun

Introducing our latest version of the Flake King 1000 Dry Flake Applicator Gun

The ultimate dry flake applicator used by many professional and hobby custom painters worldwide.

If you’re in the market for a dry flake applicator that doesn’t just spit flake out randomly then you’ve come to the right place.

This gun doesn’t rely on pick up tubes that can cause flake “flurries” it truly agitates the flake and draws it out consistently giving you professional results.

Every aspect of this gun is controllable from the air agitation and application pressure to the volume of flake you want to dispense via the in line flake valve. We’ve even fine tuned 3 different sized colour coded nozzles to help you blend larger areas easier.

We’ve even given you multiple ways to apply the flake – you can set the barrel to be self levelling or rigid dependent upon your spraying style. In fact the barrel is now removable so you can blow your flake into the clear either from the gun handle or if you prefer you can turn the flake valve off.

Our flake is supplied in ready to use pots/jars simply screw onto the gun – no messing..

To learn more about the range of Flake King Dry Metal Flake Guns & How to Use Them – please watch this video