Launch Of The New Flake King 1000

The Flake o Matic has grown up, we like to continuously improve our products to you, so we’ve made some changes to the Flake o Matic 1000, as you can see by the pictures below it has changed quite  a bit – we believe for the better.

These are the changes and the reasons why we did it.

  • We’ve made the barrel stronger where the flake valve secures to the barrel making it even more rugged.
  • The handle and barrel/jar are now individual pieces and can now be separated  via a thumbscrew this thumbscrew performs two functions…
    1). you can tighten the thumb screw to stop the barrel self levelling or simply tighten it just to stop it falling off and it will self level the barrel. 2).
    2). You can remove the barrel completely to blow the flake into the clear (you can still perform this function by simply turning the flake valve off as well).
  • Making the barrel separate allowed us to also use the gun handle for the mini gun, simply adding a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adaptor enables you to use the mini gun on an airbrush compressor.
  • The 1000 is now supplied with a fluorescent green medium sized nozzle, there is also a small fluorescent yellow nozzle and a large fluorescent orange nozzle available as extra’s – we’ve made them fluorescent so you can find them and sort them easier.