FK50 Surface Binder

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Available in 100ml, 500ml & 1 Litre Bottles

FK50 Surface binder is a water based adhesion product, that can applied by brush, dabbed on with a sponge or sprayed on with Spray gun or Airbrush (when thinned with FK55 Thinners).

Developed to stay open longer than a typical solvent or existing water based product with reduced potential of sagging when applied in a medium to wet coat. Its primary use is for the application of our Dry Metal Flakes (Industrial/Commercial Glitters) and our dry blended metal powders.

Why is it better than, for example a solvent binder or 2k clear?

Well as it’s water based, it’s better for the environment, inert will not react with previously applied products, easier to ship (worldwide) and there are no sensible limitations on how many coats that can be applied (within reason).

It also produces a nice clean edge, for masking removal, allowing you to now be able to produce coloured flake designs rather than traditional methods of silver base and coloured “candy” dyes on top. Coloured flake will last longer in direct sunlight than candy dye based products.

An additional bonus the FK50 Surface binder when applied over a complete flaked area, reduces the amount of clear coat required.

FK50 will adhere to properly prepared surfaces such as existing finishes, primer, plastic, vinyl, fibreglass, wood and most substrates.

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1000ml, 100ml, 500ml