Flake King 1000 Corroded Metal Kit

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Welcome to our new range of Corroded Metal Kits.

Our kits are designed so that you can apply our extremely dense, heavy Vintage Iron & Corroded Coppa powders directly to the wet paint or clear, exposing them in readiness for you to simply spray our “Corroder” directly to the surface and wait – the longer you leave it on the more corroded it will become.

Minimum amount of work – for maximum effect.

When you’re happy with the level of corrosion, just wash the corroder off and leave the item to dry.

As this is an organic finish, if you do not protect it, it will continue to corrode. You can inhibit this by applying a clear protective coating of your choice for example a matt or gloss would work fine, however we do suggest you run your own tests as applying clear will potentially change the colours in the corrosion.

The kits are available for all 3 guns they are supplied in 500/550 version and a version for our ever popular 1000 gun.

It is important that you purchase a kit first as it has our metal powder pick up tube within the kit. Without this the guns will not work on their own.

Why apply our metal powders dry?

Firstly, there is no contamination of metal powders in your existing spray equipment it’s in our Flake King Dry gun, and whether you’re switching from Flake to metal powders it’s easy to simply blow the gun through with compressed air.

Secondly the surface of the powder is exposed as it hasn’t been applied by a carrier. This makes the process quicker – by spraying the surface with our corroder and that’s it. If you’re in a hot environment you may have to wrap your item in some plastic allowing it to sweat and corrode – if it’s too hot the water will evaporate and reduce the corrosion.