Flake O Matic 1000

The Flake o Matic has grown up and now been superseded by the Flake King 1000

Please click here to see the new gun.

The Flake O Matic 1000 was designed to be an efficient way of applying metal flake.

Its Key Benefits Are:

  • Minimises the amount of flake you use
  • Reduces the volume of catalysed clear that you use
  • Which in turn reduces the risk of clear coat failure
  • & potential “sagging” of flake and clear
  • Increase speed significantly – we’re talking by days for a large job
  • Improves the clean up process – because the flake is dry when applied, it simply brushes up/off.
  • Which reduces risk of cross contamination of future paint jobs
  • Because you have a dry flake gun, there is no longer flake in your clear coat gun again reducing the risk of flake ending up in future paint jobs.

This little gun will save you money all round, when you’ve used it – you will wonder how you ever flaked before.

If you don’t believe us, check out our friends section where you can read first hand testimonials.

There are 2 versions…

The only real difference is the Jar lid.

The basic one has a standard jar lid that is reinforced by steel shims, but if dropped it will definitely bend the lid if not break it.

The Deluxe one has a machined lid made out of aluminium, is pretty much built proof.

It’s your call, you decide how important maintaining your workflow is.

To see an overview of the gun and how to use it, please watch the video Click Here.

Thanks to our UK dealer The Custom Paint Shop for the use of their video.