Flake King 1050 Dry Metal Flake Gun

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Introducing our latest gun, designed to be ready for our new range of corroded metal heavy powder blends.

Machined from Billet Aluminium and then Anodised for maximum protection against all our metallic blend powders. It is like our 1000 gun with a few minor differences first being – it has not got the flake control valve and as a bonus it comes with the machined and anodised powder pick up tube.

You can choose to have the “Barrel & Pot” to be self levelling or fixed – by simply tightening or loosening the screw in-between the barrel and pot lid (as you can see in the pictures above) and the nozzle can rotate 360 around the tip of the barrel.

These guns are not just for the products that we manufacture, they have been used for many different applications – from spraying pollen to pollenate pine trees to applying non slip particles to surf boards.

This particular gun requires a normal size compressor to run and the minimum specification that we recommend would be a 2 CFM and 3 psi up to 20 psi.

To learn more about the following products – guns, flake & surface binders please watch the video by clicking this link – Product Video


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