Prime Flat Line Masking Tape

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Prime Flat Line Masking Tape

Available in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 24mm & 48mm widths

Prime Flat Line Orange is our precision masking solution for masking rubbers, plastics, mouldings, trims, canvass and artboards – both paper and synthetic airbrush papers. Summed up it is a flat non-bleed tape that adheres to surfaces that conventional masking tape would not!

Constructed from “washi” or better known as rice paper, this non-bleed tape is suitable for fine-line work as well as general masking. Developed for high end industrial, commercial model makers, scenery, film, automotive, and artists applications. Ideal for placing over existing artwork or vinyl fine lines as the tape is so translucent it allows you see through it to cut and remove the necessary areas.

The flexible, water-proof, advanced acrylic adhesive means that it will adhere to surfaces that standard masking tape would otherwise not; resistant to 110C/230F, available in widths from 6mm upwards. However, we can produce this to any width required subject to quantity.

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Tape Width

12mm, 24mm, 48mm, 6mm, 9mm